How many things have we learned from the classics of art?

The great painters, sculptors, and artists have left in us the foundations to develop our vision of art and the world, so we can only be grateful to the world for giving us so much culture to be born from.

But the time has come to speak out loud about our new art masters!

Our society, which now makes its voice heard mainly through social media, is as full of talent and artists as the past eras.

But our attachment to the history of past art does not allow us to see beyond what there was in the past and we already know well.

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Sciupp was born for this reason; it’s the blog of the future, which exists to give our artists the opportunity to be known and receive their deserved visibility. And who knows, maybe Sciupp will inspire a new future art history book that children will study in schools!

The Sciupp community will certainly be a curious community, looking to the future, but still with a heart tied to artistic traditions.

I welcome you to the Social Art Blog.

I welcome you to Sciupp!

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