I had the pleasure to talk with Thon today.

Known on Instagram as Svvshi, he has a community of over 100 thousand followers and owns the “kinda cute kinda creepy” merch.

His particular style was mostly influenced by Japanese horror comic culture, which has as main figures artists as Jinji Ito, Suehiro Mauro and Kentaro Miura.

He also takes inspiration from two big artists of the past, like Durer, Da Vinci and Goya.

Besides art, Svvshi has even an interest in music, and games, that influence his art even more, making it unique and personal.

What influenced your art the most? Were you inspired by artists in particular?

The things I do are heavily influenced by Junji Ito mostly. Also Suehiro Mauro, and Kentaro Miura!!!. Albert Durer is also a god, and Da Vinci. But overall, Goya. 

…and myself, of course.

I do watch a lot of horror movies. I love the Alien saga, even the recent movies, I’ll love anything that Giger makes. Also besides paintings, music really drives me to certain places in my mind where I feel really comfy drawing horror stuff. Like that song of the 13 angels around the bed? It’s on YouTube just like that I think. Makes me think a lot.

In your art blood, particular subjects and scary details prevail, highlighting almost a distorted and very interesting vision that seems to go towards the creepy and the horror. When did your interest in horror/soft-gore began? How would you define your art yourself?

I love gore since i was a child, i would describe my stuff as… horror fashion??? Gore vogue??? Something like that. I just really like to make it creepy.

Despite the creepy undertone in your work, colors are often warm and welcoming, and the faces soft and delicate. Do you think this contrast is also part of your personality?

Yeah, I think I kinda represent the ugly thoughts as those really gut wrenching details, but overall I love captivating people with I guess… pretty faces??? Though that might sound really narcissistic since I draw a lot from my own face. But yeah!!! Nice question.

Thon’s self portrait

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You are certainly a very creative person to create such special and aesthetically beautiful characters. Do you follow a lineup before starting a job, already creating a preview in your mind of your work, or do the ideas come out as you draw?

Thank you!!! 

The ideas really flow with the pencil and my hand. I sooometimes have a concept in my head, like someone with… many eyes. But I don’t really visualise more than that in my head. In order for me to see if it works, I go ahead and start paintin. 

If it doesn’t work, I forget about it, but yeah, I can even surprise myself on how many details i can keep adding on one character.

What is the technique you like to work with the most? Do you have any hobbies besides art?

I loooove ink, and recreating that… manga style. I’ve always wanted to draw like my favorite mangakas, which has led me to use a lot of grainy effects in my drawings I guess to resemble the visuals of the scanned paper. 

Also besides art I… well, I sing a bit, I compose some music, I play guitar and a bit of piano, and i play videogames quite often.

Is there one of your works that you like best or that best represents you?

I would love to have an answer to this one, but I tend to get really tired of my own previous drawings. I only love certain ones for a couple of days, then the appeal vanishes, and I have to keep creating to please my future self, which slowly becomes more demanding.  Ex.: I truuuuly dislike my old work, I think the current one is meh, and I’m looking forward to my future works.

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