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Now it’s time to meet Federico! Well known on Instagram as @Asmoday, he’s an italian digital artist, with an incredible talent and attention to details, especially for textures.

Inspired by the creepy face expressions of Maxim Verehin and the detailed fantasy illustrations of Dave Rapoza, he was able to combine these two different visions and create his own unique style.

In your works you can see a great attention to detail, especially as regards textures. Why so much attention? Do you feel the textures make your work complete?

 Let’s say it’s the “highlight” of my works. 

Texture processing is very important for me because I want to give an excellent yield to what I do. I also want to try what is difficult, such as creating operates with a “3D” rendering; this becomes a personal challenge to understand up to what point I can push myself.

Your characters give me an idea of ​​hyperrealism, but in a new way. Have you ever been interested in traditional hyperrealism?

I started with traditional drawing and I have always liked making subjects with many details!

It must certainly be said that the traditional method “holds back” a little bit the possibility to add more elements. For example, I work on standard sheets (A4), so ​, as you can imagine, the possibility of adding details decreases a lot.

How did you approach the digital world? How long have you been doing digital art?

 During my first year of high school, one of my classmates showed me one of his self-portraits in “Adventure Time” style, done with digital technique.

I was amazed, and I wished I had a graphics tablet as well! 

I first started testing free illustrations programs, using only the mouse and to me it all seemed so beautiful and absurd! When my parents gave me a Wacom Intuos M, i just felt like a kid in a candy store and I started drawing every day trying everything!

I have been working in the digital art sector for about 6 years now.

 Have you ever been inspired by other artists?

Of course yes!

It is obvious that every artist has always been inspired by other artists, we can say that it is the “start”, to reach a unique and personal style. I’m still inspired by other artists, both modern and historical. The ones that mainly influenced and inspired me are Maxim Verehin and Dave Rapoza.

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How do you see art today? Has this passion always been present in your life?

 Art has always been present in my life, since I was a child. Maybe it seems like an “already seen scenario” and taken for granted but that’s it! Taking a pencil and paper is always been fun to me. I

What do I think about art nowadays? I’m just happy about how it is evolving.

I like to see all the news and evolutions but i just want that the word “art” is valued and not discredited. 

I think there is a clear cut difference between artist and creative.

Your career seems to start with some portraits of known italian artists like Lazza, Sferaebbasta and Tha Supreme. Have you ever come in contact with the artists you have portrayed?

 I have often been in contact with current artists for many works and projects, but it never happened to me to physically relate to them at the moment.

What mainly influenced your art?

 I love this question! 

For me art is everything and everywhere, I could write a poem about this but I’ll try to go straight to the point. 

As you can see on my instagram profile (@Asmoday), there are many works related to mangas, video games and movies that I loved, but the main influence is the world, people, words. 

Seeing a person, analyzing him makes me want to put it in a specific context based on what arouses me, a simple sentence, setting, music, believe me it can really be EVERYTHING.

How would you define yourself and your art?

I consider myself in two ways: artist and illustrator

I’m talking about illustration when the goal is to give a strong visual impact in terms of details and realization. 

I’m talking about art, inserting what previously said, BUT inserting the feelings, the “emotion” factor, that makes you feel that something inside you.

 Is there one of your works that you particularly like?

I am very attached to this painting, I did it recently. 

It talks about me and all of us, we are all inside.

“Vinciglio”, 2021, Asmoday.

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