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With his magnificent 3D makeup looks, he is known all around the world, making people talk more and more about him. He has the power to make anything possible just with makeup! We are talking about Luca Luce (known as @Lucaluceartgallery_makeup), self-taught Italian makeup artist, who has revolutionized the classic use of cosmetic products, intriguing millions of people.

When was your passion for makeup born? How did you understand that it could be considered an art in all respects, like any other?

My passion for Make-up was born about 20 years ago, when I saw the great Diego Dalla Palma on TV. I admired him while he was putting on make-up on the women of the italian show community and I thought “one day I want to do it too”. I have been drawing since I was a child, for me that was my absolute priority even if I still did not know how to place this passion in the workplace. When I began to understand that I could carry on skin what I did on paper I dedicated myself fully to this my intuition, that is to draw in 3D on the skin using cosmetic tricks. I began to understand immediately that it could be the turning point for my career and therefore be considered a new art form in all respects, precisely because of the great success obtained when I began to publish my works on the web.

How do you think you managed to get noticed and known even on the other side of the world? What role did social media play in your journey?

Today I can say that I am famous all over the world for being the first ever to draw in 3D on the palm of my hand and on my shaved head. At the time, in 2014, I researched the web to see if anyone had already done what I was going to do, and when i found out found that there was no trace anywhere, I started. I owe my success, as well as to myself and my intuition, to Instagram which allowed me to reach every part of the world and be noticed by important newspapers that often speak about me in all languages.

In Italy (and beyond) you have appeared in numerous articles and have been able to relate to famous italian artists such as Laura Pausini and Barbara D’Urso. What did these experiences leave in you?

I consider myself very lucky because it is not for everyone to have a celebrity like Laura Pausini as a follower on Instagram, who is one of my favorite Italian singers ever. She found my profile on Instagram by chance, because she is always looking for artists, and one of my 3D works appeared; at first she began to follow me and then she contacted me privately to propose an article written about me for the weekly GRAZIA directed by her for a special edition. I let you imagine my enthusiasm, of course I immediately accepted. I am very grateful to her for this and I will never forget it as it is absolutely not taken for granted that someone will do something for you; she did it with extreme simplicity, knowing me only through social media and this impressed me very much. Barbara D’Urso wanted me in “Pomeriggio 5”, a famous italian TV show, exclusively to introduce myself to her vast audience. When I received the email from the editorial staff I could not believe it, usually to be hosted in a television program you need an agent who commissions you to host them, but I was very surprised because they were the ones who contacted me in this case, so for me a great satisfaction meant that I had already achieved an important popularity through social media. Barbara was very nice to me: she put me at ease by asking me questions and at the end of the broadcast she wanted to take a picture with me to post on all her social profiles. What pride for me and what honor I would say … Also this event I always carry with me “col cuoreee”.

Are you self-taught? How did you manage to hone your technique down to the skills you have today?

I am absolutely self-taught, I have never attended an art school even if many people think that I have attended some famous academies.

We couldn’t help but notice that there is your own palette collection!

It is not yet a collection, for the moment in collaboration with a very famous leading company in the cosmetics manufacturing sector. I have carried out a careful search for crazy and very pigmented colors to use personally for my creations, if it becomes my real line this you will discover over time by following me …

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I think everyone asks you this.. How long does it take to create your own makeup looks? They seem to take a lot of time, effort, and special tools!

It depends on what I have to do: if they are small things like an eye or a spider it takes me half an hour, instead if I have to create an illusion on my head with many details on the face it takes up to 2 hours … To make my works I use the classic pencils for eyes or lips, eye shadows to create shadows and Aquacolors (click here to buy them from Amazon), which are cosmetic watercolors that are also used a lot in the theater, for larger areas to be filled and light spots.

What other interests do you cultivate beyond art?

I like to keep fit, so as soon as I can I go to the pool to release the tension and some accumulated stress, or do some training with my personal trainer. Another great passion of mine is cinema and gaming, in fact I watch many films in my free time or play with PlayStation.

Is there one of your works that you particularly like?

One of my works that I love most is the dragon fortune from the movie “The NeverEnding Story”; I drew it years ago in 3D on the palm of my hand and it went viral. I love that movie very much and every time I watch it I go back to my childhood, I have great memories.

What was your first viral job?

My first viral work was Samara from the movie “The Ring”, which I drew on the palm of my hand as it came out of the well. I must admit that it was really disturbing, perhaps also for this reason it went viral as well as for the drawing itself.

What is your art mainly inspired by?

My Art is very much inspired by my fantasy mainly, in addition to the fact that I often take inspiration from various films to recreate certain characters. But usually I tend to invent a lot, as I said before I have a lot of imagination and I believe that my success is mainly due to this.

What advice would you like to give to the people who follow you and intend to start your journey?

My advice is to be yourself and have your own style. Maybe you want to be inspired by someone, but it is important to always put your own to be unique. Remember that the key to success is uniqueness, clones do not have a long life as there is always the original that emerges, so adopting your own style is always the best thing. Believing in yourself above all is essential to be able to achieve your goal and be successful in life.

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