Talking with Inkdoski i discovered the beauty in black and white art. She has a community of over 100 thousand followers, that helped her being confident and known on social media. She is experimenting, and creating characteristic amazing artworks. We were curios about her technique, which requires both digital and traditional tools, so we had a little chat with her. Have fun reading our conversation and learn more about the ink charm of Inkdoski!

Your style obviously favors the use of black and white. What attracts you about this chromatic scale? What has prompted you to experiment with colors lately?

To be completely honest using black and white is (to me) much easier. I can focus on the subject, the shading and the texture without worrying about whether the colors look natural. It hardly ever goes wrong. I realised that although black and white art can be extremely beautiful and powerful, sometimes you need colors to truly express yourself.

Your technique is synonymous with innovation and completeness: the union between traditional and digital is amazing! How do you work in the making process of one of your works? What digital and traditional tools do you use?

Thank you so much! I always start off traditionally (using mainly ink, graphite or watercolors) and then go digital (using procreate). It allows the piece to go in so many different ways and it allows me to explore them all before choosing what feels right.

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How did your interest in art begin?

I’ve always loved drawing ever since I was a little kid!

Why do you mainly draw eyes and female nudes? What role does the woman play for you, in your art?

It’s just what always feels right to me. It’s also something that everyone (me included) can relate to. It’s me, it’s who I know and it’s also who I love. I guess those are the subjects I prefer to draw other than portraits.

What does art mean to you? What role social media had in your journey?

To me art means expressing something that other people can recognise. It’s conveying a feeling or a thought thru concrete means. Social media helped me a lot, even when I had a much smaller following. Reading other people’s comments under my works made me feel like we were having an honest conversation and they were really seeing me, if that makes sense. It made me feel like I was doing something right and it gave me the courage to keep going.

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