Social media is a great tool, which used in the right way can bring great results and great opportunities. As a new and small team, we are studying some social strategies to improve, and we’d like to share with you something that we have read about!

Achieving success on social media, for an artist, seems to be a very complicated undertaking.. You can feel dissatisfied with what you post, with the reactions they arouse and you feel like a pressure that does not allow you to work as you would like.

What if I told you that, instead, it is only a matter of many but small and simple tricks?

| Why Should an Artist Use Social Media?

To be known

The media have changed dramatically. Art exhibitions obviously still exist, and they are very popular. But in 2021 what is the most immediate way for an artist to spread his art? It is enough now to have a mobile phone, an internet connection, and that’s it. Each of us can be recognized for the works he does, everywhere! You also have the opportunity to connect immediately to your community, and therefore to establish a meaningful and more confidential relationship.

To spread their art

Instagram and Pinterest, mainly, today allow us to show our works in the most complete and clean way possible and to make them visible to anyone, simply through the little object that everyone keeps in their pocket.

The goal is not to have a static portfolio on your social media’s profiles, but an interactive way to both share and connect. Who knows, maybe this will facilitate possible contacts with potential customers or collaborators. A great deal, I’d say!

To get inspired

Who has never happened to not feel inspired? Why not take advantage of our means to come up with some nice ideas from what other artists have shared with us? We have the opportunity to show ourselves, but also to admire many different styles and cultures of artists who, maybe, have been inspired by something else. It is a generous exchange that artists can make among themselves, even if they are very distant.

| Top 3 Social Media for Artists


It’s the most intuitive, for most artists. You’ll need to take care to the time and frequency with which you post, to increase your engagement (way more important than popularity, we’ll talk about this later!). Hashtags are also very important! Use just from 1 to 5 hashtags for post. How to make the right ones? Take note of this little guide to make hashtags:

  1. Create a sense of community (ex. #artistsofinstagram)
  2. Create a daily Hashtag (ex. #Mondaytutorials)
  3. Make clear your services (ex. #Blogger #Artist)
  4. Use something that a niche can understand and appreciate (#art #digitalillustrations #painters)
  5. Create some branded ones!! (#MrSciupp #Newfaceofart).

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The best way to use Pinterest is as a white board, on which you make a brainstorming and create your own feed. Look for ideas, for inspiration, share your works! You can both get inspired and inspire others sharing “pins”. If you also own a shop or small business, connect it to Pinterest; lot of artists (and small businesses owners) gain a looot of engagement though Pinterest!

Tik Tok

Tik Tok really exploded in these two years. Everyone uses Tik Tok and it seems offer really good opportunities. Small businesses owners, artists, musicians, teachers.. everyone seems to find their place!

Even if the method is different, and TikTok is mostly about short videos, the way to grow is very similar to Instagram. You’ll need to take care of Hashtags, interactions with your followers. Keep your eyes open and look for art trends or challenges, they could make you more popular than you think in a very short time. Use popular songs and try to have a consistent and coherent style to leave a strong impression and stick in your follower’s minds!

Regardless of the media you’ll choose, there’s a single and very important thing that they all have in common. The base of popularity on EVERY social media there is a very important concept: constancy!

Not posting content for a few months could be disastrous for your page. Just post regularly, from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3 posts per day, to make sure you appear in feeds of the people who follow you. Schedule your activities and you’ll be sure to work with social media the best way possible!

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