Social media can be complicate sometimes.. but who said it’s always like that?

| 5 Tips to Make It Easy and Fun

Create content that intrigues! (Behind the scenes, trends..)

Post some WIP’s (Work in Prorgess), some videos of the making process of your works. Follow some art trends, do some art challenges famous on social media! This stimulates creativity a lot and curiosity in other people, and its really fun!

Interact with your followers.

Create activities that involve them such as “Draw this in your style”, a format in which you give the possibility to your followers to remake a drawing of yours, but in their style, or maybe polls, encourage your followers to make comments to answer to questions under your posts, contests and so on. Establish a connection, that’s fundamental on social media!

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Communicate with other artists.

This type of relationship can really help to change opinions, advices and build big collaborations, and maybe strong friendships!

Organize your time on social media.

Limit it to managing your page, don’t waste time. It’s way to easy to lose yourself and forget your work while on social media. Remember that you opened it to work! Take a timer, schedule your days and weeks and you’ll be working faster and better.

Don’t press yourself too hard.

Social media can make us feel a little overwhelmed at times, and it is a good idea to take a short break at some point! Remain constant but don’t stress yourself too much; everyone needs to relax and calm down.

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