For an artist would be a dream leaving their 9-5 job to dedicate themselves totally to their art. That’s a dream that can be reality! With a lot of work, effort, passion and discipline you could turn you hobby into a real business, and live by only that!

So, if you are looking for something to calm your doubts, you are in the right place! Get ready to have you own studio and grow as an independent artist!

| 6 Indispensable Rules to Become an Independent Artist

Get ready for the lifestyle you’re going to live

It’s really important to start saving money when you decide to completely change your lifestyle.  A new life requires sacrifices sometimes. At first, unless you’re very very lucky, you might not live a super luxury life. 

So try to take care of your savings to be ready in case of bad moments or just to be sure that you can continue your 24/7 artist life. Get ready to change your habits and consider giving up luxuries for a while (it’s worth it, though!)

Build a strong and healthy routine

Now art is not a hobby anymore in your life, so take it as it really is. You’ll need to schedule your work, be productive, respect deadlines and take care of yourself to be 100% ready to work hard.

The best way to start your day is to wake up early, have a breakfast and plan your day to be sure you’re not missing out anything. Remember to also take care of your mind and body: have some relax, workout regularly, read books, make yoga.. anything you’re comfortable with.

Your time is precious

Remember that is important to take off sometimes from work: as every other work, it’s not healthy and productive thinking about it 24h a day; take some time to do other things you love, without underestimate you work-time. 

It’s really easy to lose yourself thinking “it’s just a drawing, I can do it later”. Wrong! Don’t underestimate your job. Fooling around on social media looking at memes it’s not worthy at all, you have a looot of work to do!

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Learn to say no

You just can’t say yes to everyone and everything. People must respect your job and your time and you should too. Don’t waste time and energies with who underestimate your work and devalue what you do or takes advantage of you.

Don’t accept to be paid less than you deserve, don’t accept commissions you are not okay with. If you start selecting, you’ll end up creating a stable niche. Have the courage to decline tasks if necessary even if it could feel difficult at the beginning of your carreer.

Become your own manager

As an independent artist, you are not guided by anyone; so you must do it by yourself. The best way to promote your works today is using social media.

We have already talked about this topic! You can read our more in-depth guides here:

Be sure to watermark every work, you deserve credits for what you do; some people, unfortunately steal other people’s artworks and pretend that are theirs.

Combine creativity and organization

It’s absolutely right that an artist works in an artistic environment; but to work in the best way possible, you need to keep your studio tidy and clean up everything after you have done. Physical order inspires mental order: you will work better, faster and waste less time looking for objects you have lost!

Keep your style on everything you do, but create a safe and smart work environment!

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