Publications on art blogs or magazines bring a lot of new visitors to artists. That’s why a lot of art magazines and blogs accept submissions and applications, in order to publish some artworks and talk about artists!

Gaining attention and traffic is not always that easy for an artist, but we have 4 advices to get noticed (and maybe published) by your favourite magazine/blog!

| Advices to Get Published

Study the blog or magazine you’re applying to

Be sure that your content fits with the quality of content they publish and work with. Paying attention to their blog or magazine will make the team more interested to you and your work! It’s a sign of respect, and curious and informed people are always appreciated!

Introduce yourself kindly

But not too specific. Bad to tell you, but it doesn’t matter what you ate yesterday morning if you are making an application for a blog publication. Briefly talk about yourself, you interests and the artwork(s) that you are submitting.

Don’t be rude at all, try to be kind and polite and maybe mention your website or shop if you have any, so the blog could know you better though your works and not only words.

Show quality content

Take some time to make content who’s interesting and pleasant to see. Good lighting, high resolution pics or scans draw a looot more attention to your work.

Taking care of your content also shows that you care about your work and about the application.

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Don’t apply blindly

Everyone can notice if you’re applying just to be noticed from a random blog and get published to just have a few views more. That’s not correct for you and the magazine or blog you’re applying to. You need to be ambitious and understand what’s your community and where you feel confident.

It’s important to apply for a community you feel part of or that you simply like. So try to personalise your application with something you have learned from the point 1 of this post. Pay attention to who you’re applying to!

And remember..

A publication is not always guarantee, but it doesn’t mean your work is not worthy! Each magazine or blog is just unable to publish anyone who applies. Try to apply to other magazines you like and you’ll be surely noticed!

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