Maybe you own a shop or you want to start selling your merch.. great idea! But are you sure you’ve thought of everything? We did it for you 🙂

We think that these are essential points to take care of when you turn your art into your business!

| How To Sell Your Art in 6 Steps

Build a good-looking website

Your website symbolises your credibility.

Make it good-looking and easy; don’t make it confusing or full of useless stuff. Keep what’s really important and, mostly important, make it easy for your clients to understand and use.  The more easy your website is, the more your clients will be likely to use it and take a look around your products!

Mock-ups are life changing

What are “mock-ups”?

A mock-up is a digital rendering of a product, what will allow you to show how one of your products will look like in real life. You don’t need to get a photo of it. For example, you can show how a t-shirt will look like with one of your drawings in it, but without really having the t-shirt.

Let me show you some examples:

They look nice, don’t you think so? 😉

When using a mock-up always pay attention to the commercial license; sometimes it’s free, sometimes you need to pay for it and sometimes you just need to mention the author’s name.

Kinda confusing, I know, but don’t worry! We are going to talk about this topic later, so for now we can advice you to just pay attention to it, and maybe find some non-licensed mock-ups 😉

You might ask where you can find these “mock-up’s”… well, the market is really big and you can find a lot of cool websites. We can recommend:

Mr. Mockup

Here you can find a lot of different PSD mockups, free or paid! Their mock-ups are free for both personal and commercial use, so you’re free to use them without any problem.

Checking the website through our link could help us earning a commission on you subscription\purchase. It will show you a small adv that you can easily avoid! It costs nothing to you but it can really help us keeping the blog up! 🙂

Mockup Cloud

This website is really useful for those who don’t have a photoshop subscription or just don’t know how to use it! You can also find PSD files as in every other mock-up site. Even Mockup Cloud allows you to use all products for personal and commercial use.

They even explain how it works!

Checking the website through our link could help us earning a commission on you subscription\purchase. It will show you a small adv that you can easily avoid! It costs nothing to you but it can really help us keeping the blog up! 🙂

A client will be more likely to buy something if they see it in an environment or worn, so if I were you I’ll give it a try! But pay attention to commercial licenses.

Add details and descriptions

Help your buyers to be totally aware of the product they’re looking at. 

Add some details to show everything; it also gives a sense of reliability. You’ll be considered more reliable and genuine. 

(N.B. Close-ups of paintings give a sense of authenticity of the art work and intrigue clients a lot!)

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Keep sold products in your shop

It’s an important trick so clients can see that people enjoy and buy your work; it inspires trust.

Seeing good reviews (also ask for them!!) or “sold” tag on a product really influences buyers, because this is just how humans are made! We are driven to follow the crowd, or at least some of it.

If we see that someone is buying a particular product, we’ll be more likely to buy it too, because we’ll feel more confident and safe; on the contrary, if no one buys that particular product, it won’t inspire much confidence in us.

Tell a story

There is only one thing more important than the product: the story behind it!

People easily get attached to stories; give them something to believe in. They like to feel part of a community, to follow the same creed as others, to support stories they feel right.  If your art doesn’t say anything, why should people buy it? Why should they put one of your posters in their houses? Or wear one of your t-shirts? 

Art should talk; express yourself, don’t be scared to do it!

Build relationships with your clients

Talk to them, answer questions (FAQ’s are a great thing to add to your website).

Make special custom emails for each one of your followers, make them feel part of your journey.  A lot of artists give free wallpapers or stickers as a gift for each purchase or subscription to their website.. try do something like this! 

You’ll create a genuine connection and people will be happy to buy something from you!

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