This morning the sun was shining (and… that’s really strange here in Estonia). It felt good so today that after working a little bit in the morning and eating a super-italian lunch, I decided it was time to go outside.

But where?

Here in Tallinn, there’s a very curious and pretty district to visit, not too far from Old Town. It’s known as The Telliskivi Creative City, and so today I decided to wear my boots and go for it!

They even looked happy to come with me!!

This little “city” is located in a former industrial complex, that was brought to light thanks to the creativity of the artists. There are a lot of interesting commercial activities such as vintage shops, art galleries, bars and restaurant. Also you can find a smol fruit street market right in the middle (🥺); all super comfy to reach cause of the train station nearby and a lot of busses stops. Everywhere you put your eyes on is full of art! Murales, decorated store windows, even trash bins!!

The first thing I did was obviously looking for some vintage store; there’s a whole floor for small shops and I took a look around. There are a lot of frames, antique furniture, dresses, pins, old postcards, everything!

I can’t help it, look at those jackets!!

There was a really beautiful weather; I took a little walk outside, on my way to get some coffee. Most of the walls are decorated by beautiful and huge murales. Even stickers and tags are there to beautify the place and make it a little more alternative. It’s a beautiful environment, in which people meet, take a look to the shops together, drink a coffe and spend some time surrounded by art.

I was on my way to finally take my coffee, but I got distracted again.. I found another little complex of shops, and it looked cool from the outside soo.. I took a look at it too!

Every wall and every shop pays attention to their design, their appearance. They all look like they have their own personality.

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And here we are!

Coffee found!

And after my coffee break I decided to make the last walk before going home, I was almost sad to leave because i knew I didn’t take a look to all shops and all smol little vintage things. But I’m coming back so no big deal. 😎

Walking you can see another great idea, which makes this place something even more special:

Old containers here are used to create small bars and stores!! They are fully operational, furnished and visited by many people, whether they live here or are just visiting Tallinn.

Incredible, they look really cute.

I was really happy to take a little trip in this small special city. It gives a boost of creativity and it’s really pleasant to see how Estonian (and not only) artist have managed to revive a place like this.

Everything is quiet but you can feel it’s alive. People are working or chatting in the cafes, guys are playing pingpong on the outside, and babies are eating their icecream. Outside is cold, my coffee is good and It’s time to take the bus and go home.

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