“Real Artists Don’t Starve”

By Jeff Goins.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Is it possible to disrupt the “starving artist” myth? Well, someone finally thought about doing it.

To do it, in “Real Artists don’t Starve”, Jeff Goins went back to analyse the whole history of art, and he found something.. unexpected.

In reality, some of the “poor great artists” like Michelangelo, which described himself as a poor servant of others, were not poor at all. Instead, Michelangelo was hella rich! Let’s say that this was an old “Renaissance” romantic story that doesn’t work anymore nowadays.

Now that we are aware of that, shouldn’t we do something to change the rules as artists and creatives, to live better our careers?

Fortunately, Goins in his book explains a new way, a “new renaissance” that’s able to turn starving artists into thriving artists, and actually it already started doing it. At this point, is really difficult to still believe at this antiquate story, that moreover was fake and mostly written by rich artists.

“Art costs money. Art costs time. The best art does not come from scarcity.” 

Jeff Goins

This book is recommended for all artists, especially aspiring ones, and for all creatives who would like to switch to “professional” but are somehow blocked when it’s time to think about art AND money. I know, the “starving artist” story has something romantic behind it.. but that’s not how you live and make a profession from your art, isn’t it?

We have to change something in order to move further, and I think the key principles of “Real Artists Don’t Starve” can help you:

1.      Artists are not born, but made:
2.      The market is your friend, don’t be afraid of it;
3.      Make money to make art, not the opposite.

Well-known artists like Seth Godin and Austin Kleon really appreciated this book a lot. If they are the ones who made it in their field, and they love this book, this means this book has a lot to give!

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“Great copy connects at an emotional level, and Jeff writes from the heart.”

Brian Clark

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