Precisely one year ago I published my first introduction post on Sciupp.com.

Yes, this one!!

Welcome on Sciupp!

What does Sciupp talk about?

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Did I know what I was doing? No. Did I know what starting a blog would entail? Absolutely not. But I was a student, I liked art a lot and I wanted to start something mine that was meaningful.. so here we are!

| What did I learn during this first year?

Lots of things happened to me since I started Sciupp; I finished school, I moved abroad, I met lots of amazing artists that gave me their trust, allowing me to start building this website from 0 with their interviews and artworks. I learned how to write, how to talk to people and how to actually organise to DO things.. Pretty difficult journey.

A year has passed, and it wasn’t easy at all! What did I learn?

You can start with 0 skills, knowledge or preparation – you’ll learn

I wasn’t skilled or prepared enough to do it, but I did it anyway; don’t pospone your ideas only because “you can’t”! I had never wrote an article nor interviewed someone before opening Sciupp.. and honestly my first interviews could have been waaaay better. But that’s exactly how I improved (and I’ll continue to): doing things not so good, you start and learn how to do them better during the journey.

Our first story!

It’s just how the learning process works.

The small steps are more important than the big ones – don’t underestimate them

Who said a small community is not good enough? Day by day we tried (and still trying) to build a community of readers that enjoys to come back here. The first supportive email, the first likes, the first people who started following the blog.. each of these “small” moments really made me keep going. After months without any feedback, that usually makes you doubt about the worth of the content that you write, these small attentions made me believe in what I do, and continue doing it.

Our first stats!

Again, I started from nothing. How could artists believe in me with still nothing impressive to offer them, if not the opportunity to make them talk about them and their art? Fortunately, I tried anyway, and the response was fantastic. I met many artists which gave me a piece of their precious time to help me in this mission. I’m super proud to have collaborated with such kind and interesting people; Sciupp is born also thanks to this invaluable help! Having someone’s trust is really difficult at the beginning stage; that’s why I’m super grateful for that.

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You need discipline and organisation – you can always improve

When you’re a student, usually, you’re not that willing to do long-term things that require the majority of your attention.. Or at least, I wasn’t at all. Starting something yours throws you into the real world.

You don’t want to write articled because you prefer to be lazy and stay on TikTok all day? Well, no one is forcing you; but if you don’t water your flowers, they’ll die. That’s the same concept. You have to take care of something to make it grow, and it’s all your responsibility.

Our first Instagram filter! Thank u Gabriel ❤

That’s how I started to schedule my work, to force myself to be disciplined in my everyday life and to have a better mindset to work better thanks to workouts, walks, reading and so many others. These big-small improvements today made me become another person, for the best!

Writing for others is self-help – enjoy it

Giving value to each other is probably the best thing we can do for others and for ourselves. Whatever I can do for others with my blog, I’ll try to do it.

We always think “Who needs to hear this from me?”.. Probably lots of people would find your post/book/text helpful, but you don’t even think about it. You don’t give the right value to what you do, but you’ll be amazed on how many people actually find something useful in the words you write.

Our first blog posts says:

“Sciupp was born for this reason; it’s the blog of the future, which exists to give our artists the opportunity to be known and receive their deserved visibility. And who knows, maybe Sciupp will inspire a new future art history book that children will study in schools!

The Sciupp community will certainly be a curious community, looking to the future, but still with a heart tied to artistic traditions.

With some changes, our vision is still the same: with our help and space, we’ll try to give voice to more artists that we can!

Trying to reach perfection will only slow you down – focus on getting better in the process

I’d love my content to be perfect, but what I noticed is that while I was trying to reach perfection, instead I was just losing time + I wasn’t having fun.. at all. I felt the pressure to write the perfect blog post, and if it wasn’t, why should I have publish it?

WRONG ATTITUDE! You should have fun writing about what you love. Of course I always put lots of effort and research in my posts; don’t misunderstand this point with “You don’t have to care about what you do, just publish trash.”

You should take care about your content, but after it’s ready, it’s ready! Don’t overthink much about it, your skills will inevitably improve with time.

First, write everything that comes in your mind about that topic, then research, and then edit: this in enough. 🙂

What can I say.. at the end starting a blog it’s a particular (underrated!!) journey. There are LOTS of ups and downs, funny and difficult moments, lots of satisfactions but also doubts.

I can guarantee, after all, that this is the best decision I have made so far!

Beloved readers and artists, consider Sciupp as your chill space, you know, there’s lots of stuff to read and to learn from! Take a warm cup of coffee and enjoy Sciupp.com 🙂 There’s still a lot of work to do but.. what a fun journey after all!

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