“Six Thinking Hats”

By Edward De Bono

Rating: 4 out of 5.


The “Six Thinking Hats”, described by Edward De Bono, represent a powerful “parallel thinking” technique that could help us to explore different perspectives while facing a complex situation or challenge. Basically, focusing on one thing at a time, even critical thinking becomes.. easier!

Each of these hats represents a different thinking approach. In this book, you’ll find a guide on how to use these hats in team or individually and how to think and plan more effectively also into groups. There are lots of advantages in using this technique, that vary from the separation of ego from performance, to the creation of beautiful and smooth-working teams (it’s not always easy, I know!!).

This book can simplify your life, your work and your creative projects just using the power of your brain.. That’s really powerful, isn’t it?

Hats Summary

“Real life, however, is very different from school sums. There is usually more than one answer. Some answers are much better than others: they cost less, are more reliable or are more easy to implement. There is no reason at all for supposing that the first answer has to be the best one.

Edward De Bono

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Edward de Bono is an author as well as a psychologist, inventor, consultant and basically the pioneer of brain training. He’s also a huge supporter of the teaching of “Thinking” in schools as a subject. “Lateral Thinking” is considered his big idea, which he wrote about in many of his books.

De Bono has written well 57 books with translated versions all over the world! He has taught his “Thinking Method” to government agencies, corporate clients, organisations, and individuals.

“Thinking is the ultimate human resource.”

Edward De Bono

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