“Find Your Artistic Voice: The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic”

By Lisa Congdon

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Lisa Congdon, bestselling author, artist, and illustrator, decided to gift us with this guide that, with her expertise, will assist us through our own artistic self-discovery journey.

This book helps artists navigate the influence of creators they admire, while appreciating the value of their personal journey as well. What you can find here is a real source of information that will help you and last during all your career path, not only while reading the book! Lots of encouraging advices from the author herself, as well as many interviews with artists, illustrators, and creatives to get more inspiration and motivation!

Why is our “Artistic Voice” so important in the first place? Because it’s the calling card of an artist, what makes each of their works particular and.. ours! To find this personal artistic voice, anyway, is not so easy to achieve, and it requires lots of time and effort to gain confidence and voice in art.

That’s why we recommend Find Your Artistic Voice to every artist and creative mind, especially in their early stage, but not only! From here you can learn everyday strategies, anecdotes, and practical advices to wipe away all the useless fear and insecurity in your artistic path forever!

“With rare exceptions, we become who we become as artists because we are influenced by other artists, not despite that fact. No idea is completely original, and being influenced by the work of other creative people and movements is part of the process of finding your voice.” 

Lisa Congdon

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Fine artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon lives and works in Portland, Oregon, and is best known for her colorful abstract paintings, line drawings, pattern design and hand lettering as well!

Lisa also writes on her daily blog, called “Today is Going to be Awesome”, about her work, life and inspiration . She is the author of well five books both written and illustrated. She was also named one of 40 Women Over 40 to Watch in 2015.

“As an artist, your goals are things like nonconformity and difference, neither of which is based on a shared set of measurable outcomes.”

Lisa Congdon

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