In the modern era, unfortunately, more and more people have lost contact with nature, or even forgot how important it is in our lives. We have closed ourselves in our apartments and we are so used to walk on paved roads, that we almost forgot what’s out there and the benefits of just a simple outdoor walk – benefits that include, of course, the improvement and preservation of our own mental health.

After the pandemic forced us to stay inside our houses for a long, infinite, stressful amount of time, many of us got tired and are starting to consider again outdoor activities and movement as a part of their everyday life. Best choice ever.

Nature has always had incredible healing abilities, and I can say from experience that these benefits are incredibly efficient even short-term: you can literally feel better after exposing yourself to some sunlight and fresh air even for just 20 minutes.

I think nature can benefit especially artists and creatives, efficiently supporting their needs. To create, in fact, it is needed for an artist to connect with the environment, to get inspired by something less superficial than what we are exposed to everyday, and to learn how to listen and see the bigger picture. You don’t even imagine how a landscape can make you feel if you’re looking at it with a different eye. The natural environment definitely facilitates artistic thinking and meditation a lot.

Benefits of Nature on Artists (and not only!)

Since artists are persons as well (don’t you say?), they already enjoy all the benefits regarding physical and mental health, and stress relief as well. But the great news is that they can further benefit from nature also for improve their creativity, find inspiration and to upgrade their works and their work-life balance.

How does nature do that?


Our creativity is strongly influenced by our overall wellness, and as we already know, stress has the incredible power of.. ruining everything. Exposing ourselves to natural environments can physically reduce our blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and drop the production of stress hormones, letting us relieve anxiety and drop drastically our stress level.

Many artists and creatives affirm that their creative process is already a wonderful stress reliever since it serves as a coping method for difficult emotions and a distraction from negative thoughts. Now imagine all these benefits combined to a beautiful open natural space! What else?


There’s evidence that being in nature has a profound impact on our brains and our behavior, not only helping us to reduce anxiety and stress, but also to increase our attention, imagination, and our ability to connect with other people.

If you’re not in the mood, you’re easily irritable or just feel like “it’s not your day”, take a good friend with you and go outside! Even when the weather doesn’t seem welcoming at all, you’ll find so much relief in just a bit of fresh clean air.

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If you feel tired after hours working on a single task, enjoying some time surrounded by nature can make you feel refreshed, and ready to start again!

And even if you don’t have much time to stop, when you feel like you cannot concentrate anymore on your task, taking a real quick walk outside without any distractions (we don’t want to answer to emails or calls while relaxing, am I right?) can surely help. You’ll feel the difference straight away!


Nature is always there for you if you need mental support.. but also if you need tools and surface to create your art! Y’all know better than me how nature can be generous with artists, giving them materials and tools that can inspire and guide the artist in the creation of sensational pieces


Do. Your. Tasks. Outside! If the task you need to complete allows you to stay outside while doing it, I think it would be an amazing idea to find a bench in a park, sit there for a couple of hours and do your things. You’ll find it more easy and fast to complete your task with a beautiful view and some natural sounds!

TEACHES US TO OBSERVE AND CHILL (you really need it)

Sometimes our bodies need a break from continuously DOING stuff, to just enjoy a bit of calmness and silence.. Exposing ourselves to nature is surely the best way to achieve this state of mindfulness, of inner calm and active rest.

A connection with the environment, for an artist, is fundamental not only to create but to discover and SELF discover. To find answers, to clarify doubts. To find inspiration, to find rest from our frenetic lives.

Basically, nature is our best ally, artists or not.

What Can You Do To Benefit From Nature?

  • Spend time outdoor daily;
  • Take advantage from good days to build an outdoor routine: going to buy groceries by bike or walking to the office sound like good ideas to start!
  • Find in your activities some that you can avoid doing at home only, and start doing them outside! Read at the park, draw in your garden, eat breakfast in your balcony under the sun or call your mom while walking outside are some great examples.
  • Upgrade your art with natural tools and materials: handmade paint, wood panels and custom “brushes” can add a bit of spice to your work!

We want to hear from you now! What activities would you recommend to enjoy the benefits of nature on ourselves? What activities do you actually do? And which one would you try?

Leave a comment dropping your suggestions to inspire and get inspired by each other!

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