Making an illustration based on a bunch of random words?

Trying to combine terms without any correlation between them might seem weird, but it’s actually really funny.. and hard as hell!

I’m joking, I’m joking.. just a bit challenging.. but it’s exactly what we want, since it will help us to improve! These are “creative exercices” after all, so we must face some challenges in the process to get better and improve our skills;)

Random Words Illustration – How To Create an Illustration based on Randomly Generated Words

This game, as mentioned before, it’s pretty simple, but not easy! It could require a bit of time and some brain-work, but it’s genuinely so funny and so beneficial for your creativity that you HAVE TO give it a try!

All you need to do is:

  • Pick some random words: Here you can refer to different methods for picking words, such as websites, or many handmade ways, which consists on writing on different pieces of paper different words and then pick some from a jar. Or maybe, opening a book and, with your eyes closed, point with your finger some words and so on..
  • Think of a story/concept that could combine your random words in the best way possible!
  • Create your illustration: This step might obviously take a while, depending on the final result you’re aiming for. The only thing here is to remember to not limit yourself: you have the power to decide to create a complete illutration, a detail only, a fast sketch and so on.
  • Bonus: Add your own rules or limitations to the game! Also, each time the game can be different! For example, you can let your friends guess the words you had to use! Let’s see if you have understood the assignment;)
Random Words Generator – Summary

Aaaaand.. this is how I personally proceeded to complete my exercise:

  • First, I visited, which kindly picked up random words for me, as suggested by its name.
  • After that, I picked up 3 random words without choosing them. A minimum selection is accepted, but please do not choose the words to make them consistent with each other or very comfortable to draw together.
  • I created a short story/concept on which to base my illustration; the silliest, the better!
  • Well.. I started sketching at this point! And this is my final result:

Q: What do you think my 3 random words were? You’ll find them in a while, but try to guess them now! Hopefully, I did a good job.

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Note that my illustration is not a complete illustration, just because I decided to take this challenge as an opportunity just to sketch something new and draw a different concept, pretty different from what I usually do. At the same time, I didn’t want to take much time for is since I get tired of my drawings really soon. Lol.

You can decide what works best for you, of course: fast sketches? complete full colour illustrations? scribbles? Who cares, your drawing your choice! I can advise to choose what can help you to take the most from this exercise and to learn the most.

By the way.. My words were: Medieval, Enthusiasm and Different!

And the story that came up in my mind was pretty basic: There’s a girl who shows up in the office with a beautiful Medieval dress and a lot of Enthusiasm. Her colleagues are kinda chattin’ behind her back since she looks.. Different! But don’t worry, she doesn’t give a damn about it. 😉

What do you think? Did I use correctly my words?

I really hope you liked this exercise and that it was helpful for you! I really recommend to include this exercise in your daily/weekly routine to improve your creative and drawing skills!

I’d love to see your results, and the ones of your friends too! So, if you have joined the game as well, it would be amazing if you shared your drawings with us.

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