Another exercise with words! But this time, lucky you, they’re not random at all. 

Choosing is always difficult, but not if you have a little limitation and a big help!

This challenge is pretty easy yet super effective when it comes to creative blocks and lack of ideas. I found it more inspiring that I thought, honestly.

All you need to complete it is your favourite tools and your own initials! 

How To Create an Illustration based on Your Initials

All you need to do is:

  • Pick your own initials (or a relative/friend’s ones) and find two, three or more words that start with those letters: Here you can refer to different methods for picking words, such as websites, or many handmade ways, which consists on writing on different pieces of paper different words and then pick some from a jar. Or maybe, opening a book and, with your eyes closed, point with your finger some words and so on.. Please note that this time, you can choose them since they don’t necessairly need to be randomly picked.
  • Think of a story/concept that could combine those words in the best way possible!
  • Create your illustration: This step might obviously take a while, depending on the final result you’re aiming for. The only thing here is to remember to not limit yourself: you have the power to decide to create a complete illutration, a detail only, a fast sketch and so on.
  • Bonus: Add your own rules or limitations to the game! Also, each time the game can be different! For example, you can let your friends guess the words you had to use! Let’s see if you have understood the assignment;)

Easier done than said, but let me try to explain. Let’s use me as an example (what a narcisist). 

My full name is Giada Giordano, so, let’s take G and G in consideration. Now, my initials are not very varied, but still good to get to the point.

Now, you decide how to obtain the required words, but I simply choose a Random Word Generator and decided which ones I liked more (no need to randomly take the first ones this time).

In my case, you can find two examples in this post since I couldn’t decide between 4 of the words the website showed me. 

The words I got were Green, Guitar, Garbage and Ghost. Funny to imagine.

In fact, I found it really inspiring since the combinations I thought about were pretty funny to me and I knew I could get something cute from these.

Game’s Summary

These are the steps I followed to complete this exercise:

  • First, I visited, which kindly picked up some words that started with G and G (my initials).
  • After that, I choose 4 of them. My selection was based on nothing, but you can of course decide how to select your words and how many per illustration.
  • Then, I thought of two different short concepts on which to base my illustration; the silliest, the better!
  • Well.. I started sketching at this point. And these are my final results!

First Combo: Green Ghost

Imagine how many ideas you could get from these two words together. Most basic one: a green ghost? Or maybe a boccoli-ghost? A ghost who likes green? A plant-based ghost?

Well, instead the first thing who came in my mid was a green-thumb ghost! Makes sense?

Look at this smol guy happly watering his plant!

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Second combo: Guitar Garbage

Maybe you can find this a bit more challenging. Should we take the word Garbage literally or just symbolically? Someone playing trash music with his guitar? A guitar that looked like garbage

My mind decided to first think about a guitar threw in the garbage. Easy but it worked!

I know this one’s not really special, but I found the image really funny in my mind. Wft is a brand new guitar doing there??

Anyways.. enough with my name.

As always, I involved my boyfriend (hopefully he was happy to lend me his name for a post <3), so that I could use two different letters this time. His initials are G and M.

This time I asked him to choose the words, and the first ones that came in his mind were Goblin and Mule.

That was waaay too easy!

C’mon, look at this guy! So cute and proud of his goblin costume.

And that’s it!

I really hope you liked this exercise and that it was helpful for you! I really recommend to include this exercise in your daily/weekly routine to improve your creative and drawing skills!

I’d love to see your results, and the ones of your friends too! So, if you have joined the game as well, it would be amazing if you shared your drawings with us.

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