What does the term “burnout” mean?

Burnout is a state of physical and emotional fatigue that can occur when you experience long-term stress in your life. Common signs of burnout are tiredness, feeling drained of energy and/or trapped by something.

More specifically, burnout from social media is a relatively common issue of our times, since more and more people started to actually work and spend lots of time on these platforms.

Social media content has a huge impact on our lives, as well as on our behaviour; this is the reason why it’s fundamental to select the content we want to be exposed to every single day.

As humans, we weirdly adore to compare ourselves and our achievements to others’, but this seems to be getting worse with the spread of these platforms. Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot just completely leave, since we might need to use them for our personal brand and to promote our art.

Also, we do not wanna lose our passion for the art we’re creating.. right?

The quality of the content you create for your audience and the way you engage with them also suffers a lot from burnout, so.. we better create an healthy relationship with social media!

How to avoid to burnout and all the negative consequences? Here you can find 4 simple tips.

Plan ahead and schedule your social media time – and don’t go over it!

Try your best to always schedule ahead time for:

  • Brainstorming new ideas (note them down!)
  • Creation of content (drawing, painting, taking pictures and so on)
  • Preparing posts (making graphics, writing captions and hashtags and so on) 
  • Engaging with your audience (comments, likes, following new accounts) and posting stories for consistency.

And most importantly.. when you’re done with your tasks, YOU’RE DONE.

Leave screens in the evenings

Your body and brain both need REST!

I understand that you might think “I need to work as much as I can and use all the time I have”. Maybe you’re in a 9-5, or studying besides managing your social media and art.. but please note that it is not true nor sustainable at all!

If you have less time for certain tasks, you don’t need to sacrifice your own free time.

This picture was too cute.. I think we all agree on that

Evenings are made for winding down and preparing to sleep well, in order to be fresh and rested for the next day.

The fresher you wake up.. the more productive!

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Create for the joy of creating, not just to post 

This is the main reason why I took some time off social media a while ago. I was overwhelmed.

At a certain point, I wasn’t drawing just because I liked it and it made me feel great anymore. I was only drawing to publish content; not talking about the pressure I felt because, in my opinion, my content was never enough. 

With the pressure of pleasing others only, drawing wasn’t pleasant for me anymore. So I needed a break.

To avoid this, create and THEN post what you have done, but don’t have the “I NEED TO DO BECAUSE I HAVE TO POST” mentality, which is very unhealthy and counterproductive.

Re propose your content

Who said that every single thing you post must be different and new?  You can turn a post into a reel, or into a carousel. Stories? A tweet? A Facebook post? Be creative!

There’s no need to rush in order to have always new fresh original content. It’s way better to take time to make high-quality material and then take pieces of it to make more posts, stories or whatsoever.. doesn’t it sound great?

Great idea, right?

Let’s say you paint a huge canvas. You might first think that the content is only the final result.

What about the sketch? The first stages? The products you used? The technique? Also, a video in time lapse of the process could be really interesting for your audience, as well as live streams and so on.

Like this, a single post magically became SEVEN different educational and curious content opportunities!

Get creative, and work smarter, not more!

Now we want to hear from you! How do you create your content? Also, how are you planning and scheduling your social media managing?

Leave a comment dropping your suggestions to inspire and get inspired by each other!

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