Art and Wellness

Art is a trusted ally, who can support and help us in the most difficult moments of our life.

Our goal is to help our readers to find relief and support in art: here you can find articles, advices and creative exercises aimed to improve your mood, the quality of your life and make you feel better from the pure act of creating!

Weekly Exercise 4 – Draw One Subject a Day

If you don’t know what to draw, you can always find help in the objects around you.

A good excuse to warm up your hands and wrists, and imrove your creativity and thinking skills.

I looooved this challenge!

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Weekly Creative Exercise 1 – Complete The Figure

If you feel creative today but you have no ideas, or you just have some free time in your busy day, this exercise will be perfect for you!

If you don’t feel like doing it by yourself, why don’t you invite your friends over or schedule a video call all together?

Any way you decide to do it, prepare your tools and get ready to use A LOT of imagination today!

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Art and Learning – How Art Literally Makes our Brains Grow

We need our brain, and we need it to function in the best way possible. What if I told you that the arts and creative exercises can help us to reach an optimal neural state? In short, we can MAKE OUR BRAIN BIGGER! Also, we can help our kids, elders loved ones or even ourselves to improve memory, logical and communicative skills, and way more..

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