Book of the Week #17 – “Art and Fear”

This book is about the challenges in making art. Making art is difficult.

Why? Ted Orland and David Bayles solved this issue for us in “Art and Fear”!

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Book of the Week #15 – “Creative Success Now”

Creativity drives most of the social and economic global system, but as a skill it doesn’t come overnight. It needs practice, time and dedication to emerge in each of us.

Astrid Baumgardner comes up with her super useful “Creative Success Now” methodology, which is divided in three fundamental pillars.

Basically, this book will help you to solve the many challenges you’ll need to face in your path, as a creative person!

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Weekly Creative Exercise 1 – Complete The Figure

If you feel creative today but you have no ideas, or you just have some free time in your busy day, this exercise will be perfect for you!

If you don’t feel like doing it by yourself, why don’t you invite your friends over or schedule a video call all together?

Any way you decide to do it, prepare your tools and get ready to use A LOT of imagination today!

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Art and Learning – How Art Literally Makes our Brains Grow

We need our brain, and we need it to function in the best way possible. What if I told you that the arts and creative exercises can help us to reach an optimal neural state? In short, we can MAKE OUR BRAIN BIGGER! Also, we can help our kids, elders loved ones or even ourselves to improve memory, logical and communicative skills, and way more..

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