Book of the Week #14 – “Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk”

When your inner critic is talking too much, you should make it SHUT UP!
But how?
This book provides you with 10 truths to consider in your artistic path, in order to learn how to face difficult feelings of fear and doubt.
Thank you Danielle!

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Book of the Week #11 – “Emotional Design”

Emotions play a crucial role in our everyday lives; they shape how we think, choose and act.
In his book, Donald Norman shows us that good design must take precedence of user’s emotion over designer’s aesthetic.
It’s all about making affective tools that mesh well with our emotions, without putting all the focus on beauty and design.

Attractive things work better, but they should focus on beign practical as well.

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Book of the Week #10 – “The Laws of Simplicity”

By writing The Laws of Simplicity, John Maeda provided us with an accessible guide that covers business and life, design and technology, observing the principle: “Simplicity equals sanity”.
In only 100 pages, he was able to introduce three key principles and ten laws that will help you to balance simplicity and complexity in your life.

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