In our gallery, you can scroll between many different beautiful illustrations that our artists decided to show here on Check their individual pages to know more about the artwork’s meaning, the creative process as well as the artists’ thoughts behind each piece!

“A New Galaxy”

We know so much but so little, not to mention, within a lifetime going to space still seemed like an impossible fantasy.


It talks about me and all of us, we are all inside.


“They share a moment”

I wanted to draw Marceline and Bubblegum because they mean a lot to me, they’re one of the first lgbt couples I was able to relate to in the media, and it means a lot to me as an artist that I can use my art to further that representation!



Try at least for a minute to concentrate on one thought or phrase – and you will find out how restless and resourceful your mind is.


Not all details have been worked out to the end, but I think that this is the beauty of art – to keep all dynamic emotions in a static form.

“Shaman toad”

I want anyone who looks at my illustration to be able to imagine a story, I want the viewer not to feel obliged to think about anything, I want to give freedom of thought and expression.

“Thon’s self portrait”

I love captivating people with I guess… pretty faces??? Though that might sound really narcissistic since I draw a lot from my own face. But yeah!!!



I also love seeing tiny frogs in hats, they bring me joy~

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