Even if there’s still a discussion between digital and traditional artists to decide if these’s a “better one”. Of course they are both valid and comfortable, it all just depends on who’s using certain tools and the needs of every artist out there. But, as everything, both digital and traditional art have pros and cons.

| Advantages of Digital Art

Easy to correct!

Probably the most important advantage of digital drawing, the ability to redraw or edit easily your sketch is essential!

Beginners often tend to redraw the same thing repeatedly, risking at the end to work with a damaged paper. With digital tools it’s almost impossible to mess up!
If you fail painting the wrong part or you or drawing badly a line, you can easily correct yourself by undo and repeating it without damages.
Also, after inking, you can redraw, for example, the eyes to change the facial expression, or the hair to make ‘em curlier. It is also easy to change the entire composition afterward with digital art.

You’ll need less art supplies

If you want to draw anything in traditional way, you need to prepare many things, such as pencil, eraser, inking pen, felt pen, paper, ink, screen tones, paints, and fixers.

Most of these are consumable goods, which means that you have to buy them again after you use them.

On the other hand, although the initial cost is expensive for digital art, you rarely need to replace items. The only item you have to purchase repeatedly will probably be the pen nib. Therefore, it is very cost-efficient in the long run.

It’s cleaner and easier to set

For traditional drawing, you have to set your desk with tools like paints, some glasses, something for cleaning your brushes before you start drawing.

When you’re done, you have to clean the brush, put away the canvas, wipe off the excess ink, etc. For oil painting, for example, the paint will go everywhere, so you have to lay a sheet on the floor before working and tidy it up after working, which is somewhat time-consuming.
The paint will also spoil your clothes, so you have to wear clothes that can be dirty. We all know that some people have had trouble getting ink off their hands.

With digital tools, you can turn on your computer, start the software and then immediately start drawing for digital illustrations. Tidying up is easy: save your data and shut down your computer. Your room and clothes will remain clean.

You can edit your illustration to make it more attractive

For digital illustration, it is easy to edit the work. Some people love these processes of digital illustration. This is another significant advantage of working with digital art. You can even dd textures for clothes or materials to make it more easy and cool to see!

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You won’t need a computer or specific softwares

You might find it hard to carry your computer, but it’s easier and more comfortable to carry a pen and notepad with you, and draw an illustration when you want to. You won’t even need to install something, so if you’re not ok with technology, this is perfect for you.

You don’t risk to suddenly lose your illustration while working

Digital drawings are data. If you lose your data, you lose your illustration too. Imagine your computer suddenly freezing or shouting down. A disaster. But your traditional sketch won’t disappear in middle of working!

(Now, there’s autosave in almost every program, so it’s not a big deal anyway 🙂 )

You can make your hand work unique

The biggest advantage of traditional illustration, called as “Hand-drawn feel”.

For digital illustration, lines tend to become similar, but in a traditional drawing a person’s personality or characteristics are more recognizable.
Colors can create some unexpected effects, which make the drawing experience more felt by the artist.

You need to focus and work carefully, doing things that can help you, like planning the color palette before you start painting. Traditional drawing improves your skills even more.

You’ll feel differently your pens or brushes

One of the most satisfying things about traditional art. Artists love this feel, it makes it more personal, involving and fun!

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