We have already talked about the rules you need to create the right mindset to start a full-time artist life:

6 Rules to Become an Independent Artist and Leave Your 9-5 Job

Wanna leave your 9-5 job and live by your art? You’re in the right place!

But probably now you are asking yourself:

What do I need to do to make money as an artist?

In this article you can find guidelines to understand what fits your goals the most, and what you’d like to do!

Before you start, you’ll need 3 things:

-A successful mindset: Don’t act like a desperate artist; instead, you need to have a more confident and positive attitude. You need to be sure of yourself. You’ll receive what you think, so if you’re going to think “I’m a valid artist, my art is worthy, I’m gonna sell”, any of these things will happen! (Law of attraction, never heard about it? If not I recommend you this blog post: https://www.verywellmind.com/understanding-and-using-the-law-of-attraction-3144808 )

-A niche: You don’t need a lot of clients (at least at first), but you need the right ones! You have to be trusted by your community, you need to get loyal followers; they’ll be more likely to support you and buy your art! 🙂

Your art, of course!

Then you have to decide the economic value of your art: don’t underestimate it; you have to consider the time, the materials, the years of study behind every single one of your pieces. It would be a pity and a waste to sell your art for a few euros/dollars; you studied and you practiced to reach your skills, it wasn’t a gift at all!

Well.. mindset and basics are set, it’s now time to talk about concrete things.

what to actually do to make money with your art

| Start a shop

It’s easier than you think! You can set up your shops in minutes: you just have to find the right website for you (there are a loot of choices like Shopify, Etsy, Squarespace etc.) and fill it with pictures, descriptions and prices!

You can sell whatever you prefer: prints, original pieces, handmade jewelry, stickers etc.

| Start selling your own merch

One of the best ways to receive passive income for sure!

All you have to do is putting your designs on the website, chose the products you want to sell and that’s it! The website will take care of everything else: materials, printing and shipping.


Printful is one of the most used platforms when it comes to printing. It’s easy to use, you can connect it to several e-commerce platforms, and you can also print in retail. The quality of the products is really good, and it’s really affordable to anyone.

Checking the website through our link could help us earning a commission on you subscription\purchase. It will show you a small adv that you can easily avoid! It costs nothing to you but it can really help us keeping the blog up! 🙂

You’ll receive your money without physically printing a single t-shirt. Kinda cool, huh? 😉

| Sell through Instagram, Facebook and any other social media

If you have a bit of a following on social media, you can take advantage of it to sell your pieces more easily and quickly! It’ll be better for you and the buyer; you can even speak directly in your DM’s to talk about shipping, eventual extras etc.

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| Do commissions

Following on social media is also useful when it comes to commissions! Your followers follow you because they like your art, I guess 😉 So, some them would be pretty happy to have a personalised piece of art made BY YOU FOR THEM! A portrait it’s always pleasing, and a lot of people commission drawings to then give to someone as a gift 🙂

Commissions are a very versatile field, and it can be fun to try to turn your followers’ ideas into reality!

| Teach what you can do better

There are a lot of ways to share your knowledge of something you’re good at with others.

You can make live classes using Zoom or Google Meet, for example.  Or you can use websites such as Skillshare to make your courses or Patreon to share your tutorials to your subscribers only!

You can also start a YouTube channel for free or write an e-Book (this is a really cool thing, I saw a lot to artists doing it!)

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