“Creatives on Creativity: 44 Creatives in Conversation with Steve Brouwers”

By Steve Brouwers

Rating: 4 out of 5.


This book will give you the chance to take a look inside the minds of 44 creative masterminds, such as Stefan Sagmeister, George Lois, Morag Myerscough and Harry Gruyaert

In Creatives for Creativity Steve Brouwers interviews well 42 creative minds – painters, photographers, graphic designers, conceptual artists, furniture designers, video artists, advertisers – from all around the world.

“Some of the conversations are surprisingly, and refreshingly, simple, while others are revealing and personal and allow the reader to truly get inside the mind of these visionaries.”

— It’s Nice That

The interviews cover many topics such as their childhood, their creative process, their inspirations and their most memorable achievements in their creative career. The question that kicks off every interview – “What is creativity to you?” – results in an inspiring collection of personal conversations that provide an extraordinary insight into the artists’ minds.


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Steve Brouwers is a Creative Director at Ads & Data and also an inspirational speaker originally from Belgium. As a creative, he suffers from imposter syndrome, as well as being a procrastinator and a deadline junkie.*

*Biography kindly offered by

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